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Our basic websites, costing £100 + vat, include:-

If you need a domain name, we can get you your own domain name for £12 + vat for 1 year, or a .com name for £18 + vat for 1 year.

Hosting of your website for a year is just £60 + vat.
(Minor changes to site at no additional charge.)

Additional pages at small additional cost (£18 + vat).

Subsequent years will cost just £60 + vat to host.

We are pleased to quote for more detailed, larger or more complicated websites on an individual basis.   However, if you are looking for an 'all singing all dancing' type of website with flash, databases, interactive facilities etc. etc, it would be better to go to a larger website design business instead. Our websites are done because we enjoy doing them, but it is not a fulltime activity, hence the low prices !!!!


Click here for list of some of the websites we have done.



Telephone:- 01704 892384